Amaron Batteries:-  (Made in India with 18 months warranty)

As a car enthusiast, you keep up with the latest developments in the automotive world. So we don’t need to tell you why today’s technologically advanced cars need a battery that is technologically matched. That’s where Amaron makes the difference. Amaron batteries are equal to the task. So with an Amaron battery under your hood, you know that your car, jeep or SUV will start without a problem.

Trane Batteries:-  (Made in Thailand with 12 months warranty)

Trane automotive battery is a trademark used by Siam Battery Industry Co., Ltd. Originally the batteries are based on the technology used by Swedish Boliden Batteri.

Trane batteries are designed to deliver more cranking power, to store more reserve capacity, to consume less water, to better retain charge over extended times, and most importantly, to last longer. These are the targets which determine the way we organize and work, the way we choose suppliers and raw materials. That is why Trane batteries are known as advanced quality products.

Trane batteries, due to its European origin, are constructed especially for European cars and trucks. However, they are suitable for Japanese, Korean and American cars and trucks as well. Batteries for European trucks are constructed for long life in the most heavy-duty trucks of Europe such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Renault, Scania and IVECO. Trane batteries are available as dry charged as well wet charged Ca/Ca or Top rated SMF batteries.

Energizer Batteries:- (Made in European Union with 18 months warranty)

The Energizer car battery provides reliable starting power thanks to its streamlined range of batteries for every application – even in foreign and vintage cars. Energizer offers every driver an innovative, tried-and tested battery which always boasts top performance, reliability and the spirit of a world-renowned premium brand.

Varta Batteries:-( Made in Germany with 12 months warranty)

If you are a first-time car owner, looking for a reliable choice for your family vehicle, or you drive a highly equipped car with higher energy demands, there’s lasting technology to fit your lifestyle. If you’re looking for reliable performance for your vehicle with Start-Stop functionality, there is a battery that was designed to meet your power needs. Each VARTA battery has been specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of different vehicles. That means VARTA batteries power much more than just your car on the road. From trucks and buses, to personal watercraft and golf carts, to caravans and boats: if it needs power, you’ll find VARTA batteries at the heart of it.

Bosch Car Battery (Made in European union with 12 months warranty)

The Bosch Car Battery is well suited for premium car segments including upper-class domestic, imported segments & vehicles with a high number of electrical consumers. The Bosch Battery delivers dependable power in extreme temperatures & other high demand situations.

Duracell Batteries: (Made in Austria with 12 months warranty)

Duracell automotive batteries offer a complete, powerful line of maintenance-free products for cars, light trucks, and SUVs that has a name synonymous with the dependability and performance people know and trust. The most advanced computerized equipment, stringent quality testing, finest raw material components, and special design features have been incorporated throughout the entire battery design to deliver maximum reliability, longevity, and cranking performance. Whether pulling out the driveway or traveling thousands of miles from home, Duracell batteries deliver trusted starting power with every turn of the key. Help power more vehicles with the confidence of one of the world’s most recognizable and trusted brands.

Solite batteries:- (Made in Korea with 12 months warranty )

The Best Battery with Better Performance and Longer Lifespan. Solite is a highly reliable automotive battery that satisfies the car lovers all over the world under any circumstance. The internal rust-free calcium metal exhibits the excellent heat resistibility and the strong immunity against drastic temperamental change.
It is a maintenance free product that needs no refilling of the electrolytic solutions.

Zeetex Batteries:- (Made in Korea with 12 months warranty)

Available for Japanese, European, American, Japanese/Korean vehicles and marine use. Sealed Maintenance Free Calcium/Calcium design – no need to add water. It has high cranking performance to suit modern engine starting needs.

AC Delco batteries:- (Made in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 12 months warranty)

AC Delco batteries are charged and ready to go. Asphalt, water, snow – if there’s a vehicle that can travel on it, then there’s likely an ACDelco battery that can power it. From a battery that is competitively priced to one that can withstand harsh elements, ACDelco has a battery for just about every need.